Workout tips – AMRAPS

As many rounds as possible exercises with kettlebell

AMRAP is an acronym for AS Many Rounds As Possible. Just like the EMOMs (every minute on the minute) AMRAPs are a type of exercise protocol where you are performing a certain amount of exercises and reps within a set period of time. Unlike the EMOMs, where you get to rest for the remainder of the time after you have completed your reps, AMRAPs have no rest period until the allowed time has ended. 

AMRAPs involve you not stopping for the duration of the time you have set, for example if you choose to do a 5min AMRAP then you are moving/exercising for the whole 5 min until the timer goes off. AMRAPs are a great way to add a little extra kick in your workouts and are also great for really pushing yourself especially when multiple exercises are prescribed and those exercises involve multiple body parts with strength and cardio elements. You can choose to do all bodyweight exercises or also use weights like dumbbells and kettlebells. AMRAPs work with many types of exercises, promotes muscle growth and endurance, and increase cardiovascular endurance.

You can see how much harder a 10min AMRAP would be compared to a 5min AMRAP. At Optimised Self Fitness we like to use 5min AMRAPS as part of the warm up where you can move a bit slower but you never stop moving and also towards the end of a session where we really want to push ourselves n finish the session on a strong note. Like EMOMs, AMRAPs are great for when you have limited time to train and if you are wanting to add in more conditioning to your training. 

An example of an AMRAP can be seen in the video link provided however a written example would be where you set a timer for 5 min and choose a certain amount of exercises and reps. Let’s go with 10 bodyweight squats, 10 push ups then a short sprint to a cone and back. You would then repeat those 3 exercises as many times as you can until the 5min is up. Remember to carefully choose your exercise list with consideration to any injuries and fitness levels.