Eamon Fisher

Eamon Fisher

Fitness Trainer


As a child, I had a wonderful upbringing and was always active. I played plenty of sports and was generally a pretty normal kid. However, in my teenage years, I was a late bloomer and began to compare myself to the bigger, stronger and fitter-looking guys in class. Along with this unhealthy comparison I also took on my father’s body image insecurities as my own. My father often talked openly about his inhibitions and the combination of this with my comparisons to other boys led me to be extremely insecure and obsessive about my chest.

Even though I was always active I was developing an underlying anxiety of taking my shirt off around other people. I was never overweight but I began to think that I had ‘man boobs’. When you feel insecure about something it only takes one or two remarks from an unsuspecting fellow student to instil self-doubt in your mind. I was telling myself that it was true, that ‘I do have man boobs!’. I invested so heavily in this negative story that it got to the point where I would always wear a t-shirt at swimming carnivals, or I would just not even go. I would feel fear come over me at a friends house that had a swimming pool. If a group of girls turned up I would walk with my shoulders forward to hide my chest. I was telling myself that I was not lean or muscular enough. I would look up to the fitter guys and think ‘that’s what I need to look like to get the girls and to be accepted’. I desperately wanted to walk around with my shoulders back and my head held high but I was too scared of what other people thought.

Luckily for me one positive thing my father taught me was the value of hard work and exercise. He was always working physically, running, cycling or lifting weights at the end of the day. He was determined to change, showing me that effort and dedication is what it takes to get results. I followed his example and started lifting old dumbbells and anything else I could find. This inspired a change in me! When I graduated from high school I decided to invest in my efforts and enrol in a personal training course.

From there I worked in large chain gyms running my own business. Even though I looked physically fit I still had all the insecurities of that teenage boy at the swimming carnival. This led me to taking a 3 month course of anabolic steroids at the early age of 22! I thought that they were the answer to all my problems, but fast forward 3 months I looked like a balloon and still felt the same. The results I gained from the steroids quickly diminished once I stopped. From that point I started to question what I really wanted.

I needed a change and a new challenge, so I qualified as a snowboard instructor and started travelling the world. With the experience gained from living in other countries, meeting new people and dabbling in relationships I started to realise that my insecurities were only valid if I was giving them power. That’s when I decided to stop feeding my negative thoughts. I started to tell myself that I was worthy and that I was enough. I began to see my insecurities lift and the burden of self-doubt diminish. Once I started practicing positive self talk and expressing my true feelings with the people around me my confidence grew. I began to see how pathetic my old thought patterns were and how my negative attitude was getting in the way of my personal growth. This was a massive turning point for me. Since then I haven’t looked back and continuously seek to educate myself in high performance life habits.

In hindsight, exercise, mindfulness training and nutritional awareness have been my anchors. With consistent dedication to becoming a better version of myself I want to show people that they too can realise their true potential. It takes time and hard work to be fully accepting of yourself. Having the right tools and a helping hand will make the journey so much easier. To build confidence takes time but once the positive momentum starts our lives truely become worth living.

Currently, I work within one of the best mentorship groups for trainers, coaches and athletes in the world called ATG . ATG is operated by Keegan Smith and Ben Patrick who are world leaders in strength and conditioning and have worked with some of the best athletes in world from the likes of Sonny Bill Williams and being the Sydney City Roosters strength and conditioning coach through their most recent premiership wins. Being surrounded by high level achievers and upgrading my skills within such an elite group of people has given me the confidence to share more and has given me the courage to want to help more humans become the best versions of themselves.